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Rainwater Gratings

As Asya Döküm Production and Application Company, the rainwater grid that transmits the rain water accumulated in the streets and the streets to the drainage channels is used in integration with the plastic channel. Rainwater grates; These are the grids that prevent solid particles from entering the drainage channel during the drainage of rainwater and only allow the rainwater to be transferred through the drainage channel.

Rainwater Grates Models

Having rectangular, square and round designs, the rainwater grating is also produced in different colors. Rainwater grates, which can be colored according to the ground colors in the usage area, are also produced according to the desired dimensions. You can also have your logo or symbol embroidered on the grill models, which do not rust and are durable for many years without rotting thanks to its raw material. Rainwater grates, which have minimum sound and noise levels, are produced to withstand the weight of all vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles, in the area they are used.

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